Benefits of our course

  • Only 1 hour long
  • Save progress & come back to finish later
  • Instant access & available for 1 year
  • Print your certificate immediately once completed

Buy VDU/DSEs and Workstations

£35.00 per person
(£42.00 inc VAT)

Display Screen Equipment & Workstation course

This is an awareness course for people who are regularly working with VDUs (visual display units) / display screen equipment (DSE).

Display screen equipment is an electronic display for computers, the most common in a workplace being a computer monitor. Display screen equipment and VDU are terms meaning the same thing.

The law for working with VDUs is covered by The Health and Safety Display Screen Equipment Regulations.

These display screen equipment regulations apply to any staff member who habitually work with VDUs at work. Employers must minimise risks from working with VDUs and that means ensuring employees have good DSE training, work in a well designed workplace and have well planned job tasks.

Our courses use text, colourful graphics, animation and audio - all designed to make our courses as engaging, effective, informative and fun as possible.

What the training covers

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