Apprenticeships & NVQs


Think about the following statements:

-  Gaining the right qualifications and skills is important to me
-  I am willing to work hard to achieve my career aims
-  I am ambitious and want to progress up the career ladder

If you can answer ‘Yes’ to the above statements then an Apprenticeship could be the right option for you.


Apprenticeships are work based training programmes that combine the hands on experience of working with the qualifications gained from studying. An Apprenticeship has a framework made up of three elements; a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ), Technical Certificate and Key Skills. Each element is designed to focus on a different aspect of your development; building the practical skills needed in your job role and the theoretical knowledge needed to move your career forward.


This is the practical aspect of an Apprenticeship; the main aim is to assess your knowledge and experience within your chosen vocational area. You will complete the NVQ element through a number of units, each of which demonstrates your ability in different aspects of your job role. NVQs are assessed in the workplace by Assessors, who make regular workplace visits in order to monitor your progress. You will receive a high level of support and guidance whilst on the programme, gaining confidence as your experience grows.


These are qualifications aimed at developing your technical skills and knowledge within your chosen vocational area. Technical Certificates focus on job theory, helping you acquire valuable skills that you can put into practice every day. 


Key Skills are skills that you use all the time, whatever your job role. They are transferable to any position you’ll work in and are essential in everyday life.

Key Skills qualifications can be achieved at different levels depending on the course you are undertaking. These are Communication, Application of Number and Information Technology.

Taking into consideration your job role and past experience, we will help you decide which training programme is the right one for you. Our Assessors will be on hand to provide advice and guidance to both you and your employer, throughout your time with us.

For further information or to discuss your requirements, please simply contact us. In addition you can read more detailed information on Apprenticeships by visiting the Government website at

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